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Why I Left Music Industry - Di'ja Explain

Why I Left Music Industry - Di'ja Explain

The year was 2014. The year when Don Jazzy and his entire MAVIN team got on a song called "Dorobucci" together. The song went on to become a major smash and introduced three major acts to the world: Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, and Di'Ja.

These were the artistes to watch from the MAVINs and each of them went on to enjoy success in their careers with hits of their own. Singer Di'Ja got a hit in her song "Awww" and also went on to release other songs like "Yaro", "The Way You Are", "Wuta", "Mr Bob", and more. But then, the singer got quiet. She practically disappeared from the music industry for a couple of years but appeared in movies like Fate of Alakada and The Order of Things. Now, Di'Ja is trying to make a comeback with a new song called "Yoruba Demon" but before that, she is also explaining why exactly she left the music industry, and why she is now finally coming back. Here is what Di'Ja said.

Speaking about why she left the music industry and why she's coming back now, Di'Ja said:

I took time out to have 3 amazing children and build my home. With all the ups and downs, I’ve never regretted my choices. Understand everything is a choice. I love you all for being patient with me. I feel more comfortable coming into the lime light knowing they r growing well. My choices don’t have to look good to you, they just have to work for me. If you know me well, which I’ve not done a good job sharing with you all, I feel no need to change perceptions you have of me because you made those on your own without my permission. You can only accept what you are willing to accept. I love you all who have supported me.

During this time I have been working on an amazing album which would be my first because how else can I thank those that have been loyal not only when I was up but when I was done as well. For YOU, I have to stand up and give you something beautiful. What I’ve chested in life, and in this industry is enough to bury me but like an elephant, I walk through it all. Even if you don’t respect me, respect the fact that I’ll never throw anyone under the bus to fix a narrative, even if they’ll watch you eat me alive.

I have to thank you all for keeping my music alive all this while. Music is timeless and to still have you listening is something I can only thank the Almighty for. Shoutout to every producer I’ve ever worked with. Your patience, your guidance, your contribution can never be denied. You are the music. I pray to work with many more in the course of this part of my life. It’s amazing to think we only just started. Music is a lifelong journey.

Don’t miss me too much, my kids have grown now I go disturb una. Thanks for being patient with me.

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